Designing Optimal Employee Experience (EX) & Creating Highly Effective Millennial Teams

Wed 23 Jan 08:00 AM - 13:00 PM @ GRANDKEMANG HOTEL


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Employee Engagement & Corporate Culture is the single most important element to effective teams and a profitable business. A toxic work environment, low pro-activeness, no accountability and weak leadership that chooses to accommodate than take action,  are for sure signs of sure failure.

Kick off 2019 by making sure you take action and fix these problems in your teams.  Take that first step to understand the why un-productivity happens,  calculate your losses due to disengaged staff, and why great people either leave you or decline to join. 

Daniel Tumiwa, Engage & Grow Certified Coach (Ex OLX, Garuda Indonesia, Multiply, Universal Music, Air Asia, MTV & E-commerce Expert), Marvin Suwarso, Master Licensee Engage & Grow, Indonesia's leading business coach and Nina Moran, Engage & Grow Certified Coach and Co-Founder of GoGirl! Magazine, team up and share deep insights of fixing employee engagement and creating a profitable work culture, by understanding employee experience, and how it will either attract and keep the right people or make you loose your best.

Join us, or send your organisation's change agent for a super energising morning that will guarantee you taking immediate actions towards your organsation's success.

See you!

Daniel Tumiwa

Designing Optimal Employee Experience (EX) & Creating Highly Effective Millennial Teams

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